Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Book For Father’s Day

I wanted to show everyone this so bad, but because it was a surprise for Father’s day, I had to wait to unveil this cute project I have been doing.

It’s a photo book named “Things I want to do with my dad when I grow up”.

This is the cover of the photo book.


It contents pictures of Tyler doing stuff My husband enjoys to do, skate boarding, video gaming, rocking out, playing hockey, golf, and fishing, you know… the boys stuff. It turned out so cute. Let me show you some photos.

 DSC01325-2 DSC01339-2

IMG_1173 IMG_1157 IMG_1291 





IMG_1187  IMG_1185



Can you believe the first two pictures were taken with my point and shoot? When I was taking the fishing ones, my dad was pulling his shirt from the back, so he won’t roll off into the river. It was scary.