Friday, October 30, 2009

What I have been doing

I have been busy all last two weeks taking photos, and preparing for my portfolio album, so I’ve been a slacker on updating my blog. But now my husband is away, and my son is in bed, I have some time devoted on sharing some photos with your guys.

I did some photos for the kids at my sister-in-law’s Halloween party. All the kids looked so adorable. This is the time of the year, they could just be whoever they want to be, and explore their fantasy world.

 children halloween Portrait-2-2

children halloween Portrait-8

children halloween Portrait-11

children halloween Portrait-17

children halloween Portrait-21

I then went to the Red Spring for an engagement session that weekend with this sweet couple Diane and John from L.A. We had so much fun and laughed a lot, due to the goofiness of John. They are very into swing dance, so I asked them to put on a performance for me in the middle of the red rocks.

 Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6187

 Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6189

 Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6223 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6174


Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6312  Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6354

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-2 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-18 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-28 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6108 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6145 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6156  

After the engagement session, we did a mini family portrait session with Diane’s brother. We had a hard time to figure out how to make Natasha give up on her binky for a little while. Who would know you only had to ask her to share her binky with someone else, then she was happy to hand it out. What a cute family!

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6401

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6416

I just did a portrait session with this cute Chinese little girl at the pumpkin patch today. She was not happy to be placed in front of the camera at first. She hide herself behind her brother every time I point the camera at her and cried. But after a little while, we got warmed up with this whole photo shoot thing, she couldn’t stop posing for me, so cute!! I can’t wait to show you guys the photos later. She makes me want to have a little girl so bad.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My First Maternity Photo Shoot

I finally got to do maternity photos, and this was no everyday maternity photos. My model Alley and her husband Ryan both serves in the air force, and I get to shoot her photos on the airforce base. We tried a lot of different things, all the photos turned out amazing.

Alley did a very good job. It was pretty natural for her looking good for the photos. Alley’s husband was so patient with us, and didn’t mind the waiting at all. You can definitely see his fun characters from this photo.  

Maternity Alley-11

I made a little slide show for them, everyone who’s seen it all loved it, and a couple of them even got a little teary. I hope you guys are going to enjoy this one as well.

I think this has been my best work so far. They are not just beautiful images, but so much more behind them. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity to work with this fun and inspirational couple. And it’s very cool to get a close look at these wonderful people who put their lives on the line to protect our country. Here are a few my favorites from the shoot if you are not equipped to watch the video.

 Maternity Alley-5329

Maternity Alley-5344

Maternity Alley-5356

Alley maternity

Maternity Alley-5387

Maternity Alley


Maternity Alley-5415 

Maternity Alley-5451 

Maternity Alley-5500 

Maternity Alley-5571

Maternity Alley-5573

Maternity Alley-5658

Maternity Alley-4

Maternity Alley-4-2

Maternity Alley-6

Maternity Alley-8

Maternity Alley-10

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maternity Photo Session at the Nellis

We just did this amazing session at the Nellis Air Force Base, it was so much fun. Alley was so good at modeling and her husband was really funny and patient. It was extremely windy this afternoon, but I think it worked to our advantage.

I have a teaser for you guys tonight, we took this at the military gas station, I love the retro look of the pumps. Alley certainly has embraced well in the beauty of being pregnant. I just love this image.

Maternity Alley P-5549-2

More photos to come….