Monday, November 9, 2009

I Want a Cute Little Chinese Girl

I’m Chinese myself, but never had a chance taking photos for a little Chinese girl before Audrey’s photo shoot. As you probably know that I have a two year old boy, and I love my Asian looking little man. However, taking photos for Audrey made me realize how much I want my own little girl.

Audrey was a little shy at first, but after she got more comfortable with getting pictures taken in front of tons of people, she came out of her shell, and gave me so many cute looks. We had such a good time! Here are some of her photos.

 Las Vegas children portrait

 Las Vegas children portrait-6446

Las Vegas children portrait-6471

las vegas children portrait Collage copy

las vegas children portrait Collage 2 

las vegas children portrait Collage 3

Las Vegas children portrait-6503 

Las Vegas children portrait-6530

       Las Vegas children portrait-6641   

Las Vegas children portrait-6696

I wish heavenly father grant me my own cute Chinese little girl someday!