Monday, September 28, 2009

D.C., Virginia and Maryland

I forgot how the D.C. area just makes so sleepy. Maybe due to the rainy day, and the lack of the sun, or maybe the lack of responsibilities while I’m there, all I wanted to do is to sleep. I think I would be as half productive as living in the sun city – Vegas. The scenery was gorgeous, almost everything was photo-worthy. I wish I could have a care-free day just by myself in D.C. and taking pictures. No worrying about my son, or my husband who keeps asking me to hurry up, but just a day of staring at all the beauties, appreciating them and appraising them by capturing them. 

DC 2009-5223 Driving down the Potomac River

DC 2009-5233

Georgetown University, that’s my favorite part of the drive along the Potomac River. It’s way more prettier when the color changes in fall. 

DC 2009-5234

Do you guys also think that Virginia looks the Amazon Jungle?

DC 2009-5073

Inside of an Irish pub where we had lunch. It was ok. I seriously didn’t have one meal on the trip that just “wowed” me. I loved the look of that little place though.

DC 2009-5075This is the postal museum, just another amazing architecture in D.C.

DC 2009-5077Can you believe this is where local people use to come to take care of their postal stuff? Sure is a lot nicer than the one in my neighborhood. 

DC 2009-5082     I don’t remember what this was about, but looks pretty cool, eh?

DC 2009-5248

The white house looks so cool at night, and it’s extra white.

DC 2009-5239

DC 2009-6

DC 2009-5049

Us captured in the city. Which look do you guys like better? Color or sepia? I can’t decide.

DC 2009-5059

Another reflection of us in the city, so romantic.

DC 2009-4858

Of course, we made sure that we spent a lot of time in the park for Tyler, but he didn’t seem liked it at first. He threw a big fit when we just got there.

DC 2009-4915

and then of course forgot about it in a few minutes, and put on his happy face.

DC 2009-4903

He shared a intimate moment with grandma when he got scared on the carousal, which I thought it was so adorable. 

DC 2009-5040

He’s so curious about anything. 

DC 2009-2

And of course we had to make time to visit my favorite town on the east, Annapolis. It’s navy base town in Maryland. It has an old fashioned small town look, so charming. I would love to live there and eat blue crabs everyday. 

DC 2009-5113

DC 2009-3

DC 2009-5122

Crowded main street, filled up with boutiques, and cute restaurants

DC 2009-5133 This town just have so many characters.

DC 2009-5126

Somehow this overcast sky suits this beautiful little town quite well.

DC 2009-5148 

DC 2009-5150     Which angle do you guys like better? I’m so bad at deciding stuff like this. The more I look at it, the less I’m certain about it.

DC 2009-5130

Beautiful water, lots of boats and men in uniforms, hehe… (I didn’t see any this time, otherwise I would have snapped a photo for you guys for sure)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Husband’s Big 3-0

I know I have been out for so long. Well, there are a few good reasons. First I had a surprise party in L.A. for my husband’s big 3-0, then we flow out from L.A. to D.C. for another week and half. Once we came back from D.C., we had all these stuff to catch up from those last two weeks. Yeah, life has been a little too busy for me.

Anyway, I want to tell you guys about my husband’s surprise party first. I had been planning it for over 2 months, and man, was it hard to hold a secret from spouse. I was so worried that I would tell him everything while I was sleeping, and then there were so many times I got excited and almost let it slip out of my mouth.  When the day finally came, I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, and totally stressed out.

Here are some photos I took on the way to L.A. Don’t you just love sunsets? 

Steve's Big 30-4671 Steve's Big 30-4682

His party was the day after. I made those banners in advance, and I had to hide them in my friend’s house, so Steve doesn’t get suspicious.

Steve's Big 30-4725

I got this lawn sign from Vista Print for free.

Steve's Big 30-4721

Party was right on Manhattan Beach where my husband grew up.

Steve's Big 30   Steve's Big 30-4717 

Waiting for Steve to get here.

Steve's Big 30-4715

As my husband walked down the stairs and saw me, he first thought I was already making friends with people who were having party there; then he saw his friend there, he thought oh, Emily ran into my friend’s party; finally he realized it was a surprise party for him, when he saw his grandma was mingling with his high school buddies. So he totally got rocked. The whole night he couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, and at the end of the party, he said to me, “Emily! You are so dead!!” I guess that means he had a good time, right?  I didn’t take a lot of photos, because I just wanted to enjoy all our favorite people’s company and have fun. I do wish I had a photographer there to capture the night.

We had yummy Hawaiian barbeque for dinner on the beach.     Steve's Big 30-4778 Steve's Big 30-2

Steve had to leave early the next day to D.C., so his uncle drove us around and took us to a cute restaurant at this gorgeous resort by the sea for lunch. It was way fun. I could stay in L.A. forever, but I had to go and catch the flight to D.C. I have more photos to show you guys from our D.C. trip. Don’t forget to come back and check! Talk to you guys later.

Steve's Big 30-3

Steve's Big 30-4779

Steve's Big 30-4816

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fashion Shoot

If you guys also read my modest fashion blog, you would probably know that I did product review for Shabby Apple recently. I was going through all the pictures again the other day, and found a few more other photographs I really liked. My little model Courtni did such a good job. The whole experience was very enjoyable. I hope you guys will enjoy these pictures too.

















What do you guys thinks? I think I’m ready to take on Senior Photography in Las Vegas, hehe…