Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Gabriel Photo Shoot

This is my first semi-newborn photo shoot. Beautiful baby Gabriel was 3-5 weeks in these photos. I wanted to get some shoots while he was sleeping, it was not easy. We tried everything. Finally after rocking, eating, peeing and pooping, he was out. Wasn’t he a little angle? There’s something about a sleeping baby… so peaceful.

baby portrait las vegas-24baby portrait las vegas-23 baby portrait las vegas-7569 baby portrait las vegas-7577

baby portrait las vegas-6967

and now, wide-awake! How cute!! Ready to show some personality.

baby portrait las vegas-26 baby portrait las vegas-14 baby portrait las vegas-15 baby portrait las vegas-18

and a couple more of the in- between.

  baby portrait las vegas-4 baby portrait las vegas-6779

I love taking photos of babies hands and feet, because they just grow too fast, got to remember how tiny they once were.   

baby portrait las vegas-6944

baby portrait las vegas-6840

The last photo was from my experiment with a cocoon. However Gabriel wouldn’t stay asleep in there, there’s the only non-squirmy shoot. He almost looked like he was sleeping, he was actually faking it, hehe… pretty good acting skill.

baby portrait las vegas-16

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Schaerer’s Family Portrait

I got to work with this wonderful family last Saturday on their family portrait. They were all so sweet and beautiful, and certainly know how to have fun. They were very easy to photograph. I hope I have captured some shared moments for them to cherish forever.

This is the first time I photograph in the JW Marriot Las Vegas Resort & Spa. And I was actually a little nervous about the photos will look too hotel-sy, but they turned out just fine. Here are a few of favorite ones.

We first did some inside ones.

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7167

las vegas summerlin family portrait

And then we just went outside and have fun and lots of laughter…

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7224

las vegas summerlin family portrait-3

las vegas summerlin family portrait-4

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7274

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7275

las vegas summerlin family portrait-2 

story board copy

las vegas summerlin family portrait-5

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7326

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7336

las vegas summerlin family portrait-6

Mom is so proud of her son, so much love right there.

Collage mom and son

Daddy’s little girls. It doesn’t change with their age.

Collage sisters

las vegas summerlin family portrait-7461 las vegas summerlin family portrait-7  story board girls copy

las vegas family portrait-7499

Sylvia and Marcel (they are the parents) look so young, don’t you think they could pass for the big brother and sister?

I’m working on a baby session right now, can’t wait to show you guys this little cutie! Coming soon…

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Want a Cute Little Chinese Girl

I’m Chinese myself, but never had a chance taking photos for a little Chinese girl before Audrey’s photo shoot. As you probably know that I have a two year old boy, and I love my Asian looking little man. However, taking photos for Audrey made me realize how much I want my own little girl.

Audrey was a little shy at first, but after she got more comfortable with getting pictures taken in front of tons of people, she came out of her shell, and gave me so many cute looks. We had such a good time! Here are some of her photos.

 Las Vegas children portrait

 Las Vegas children portrait-6446

Las Vegas children portrait-6471

las vegas children portrait Collage copy

las vegas children portrait Collage 2 

las vegas children portrait Collage 3

Las Vegas children portrait-6503 

Las Vegas children portrait-6530

       Las Vegas children portrait-6641   

Las Vegas children portrait-6696

I wish heavenly father grant me my own cute Chinese little girl someday!

Friday, October 30, 2009

What I have been doing

I have been busy all last two weeks taking photos, and preparing for my portfolio album, so I’ve been a slacker on updating my blog. But now my husband is away, and my son is in bed, I have some time devoted on sharing some photos with your guys.

I did some photos for the kids at my sister-in-law’s Halloween party. All the kids looked so adorable. This is the time of the year, they could just be whoever they want to be, and explore their fantasy world.

 children halloween Portrait-2-2

children halloween Portrait-8

children halloween Portrait-11

children halloween Portrait-17

children halloween Portrait-21

I then went to the Red Spring for an engagement session that weekend with this sweet couple Diane and John from L.A. We had so much fun and laughed a lot, due to the goofiness of John. They are very into swing dance, so I asked them to put on a performance for me in the middle of the red rocks.

 Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6187

 Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6189

 Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6223 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6174


Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6312  Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6354

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-2 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-18 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-28 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6108 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6145 

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6156  

After the engagement session, we did a mini family portrait session with Diane’s brother. We had a hard time to figure out how to make Natasha give up on her binky for a little while. Who would know you only had to ask her to share her binky with someone else, then she was happy to hand it out. What a cute family!

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6401

Engagement Red Rock Portrait-6416

I just did a portrait session with this cute Chinese little girl at the pumpkin patch today. She was not happy to be placed in front of the camera at first. She hide herself behind her brother every time I point the camera at her and cried. But after a little while, we got warmed up with this whole photo shoot thing, she couldn’t stop posing for me, so cute!! I can’t wait to show you guys the photos later. She makes me want to have a little girl so bad.