Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From Wedding Photography to Marriage

Last week, I spent over 30hrs sitting in MGM Conference Center in Las Vegas for a photography convention, called Skip’s Summer School. Was it worth getting up at 6am, taking my son to baby sitter and rush to downtown, sitting in a room and listening to 2 hrs speeches at a time, and not getting home until 12am. Heck yeah!!

Not only I have gained so much knowledge on various subjects, more importantly it was the laughter and tears that were shared during the convention, and how watching strangers’ wedding photo slide brought back to me so much memory of my own wedding. I have never met those couples, yet I could relate to them so well just from the incredible wedding photos.

As I watched this NY city wedding video of this gorgeous couple (done by Maring Visuals), I couldn’t stop thinking about my sweet heart, and our wedding ceremony. All those feelings just gushed out from my heart like a flood.

I agree that romance slowly dies in marriage, especially after you have kids, or maybe we are just not doing it right. But I know I haven’t changed how I feel about my husband, it’s just hiding in my heart and getting dusty. How funny it was just by watching strangers’ wedding photo, it brought me right back to that moment and that spot.

I was standing there so nervously, but all I could see was my husband-to-be through my teary eyes, nothing else mattered. I remembered how lucky I thought I was to be able to spend the rest of my life with this sweet and insanely good looking guy, and how much hope and dedication I had to our marriage.

Those feelings slowly fades away through the daily mundane and other things we are trying to accomplish. It was really nice to have my memory refreshed, and remember what life really is about, and I consider that was the best part of this convention.

No kidding when people say a smart bride would spend less on everything else, but hire the best photographer she can afford. A good wedding photographer would make any tight budget weddings look beautiful. Through those photographs, it’s how you are going to remember your wedding, and how your children and grand-children know of your wedding.

When you are feeling down, having troubles in your marriage, or just simply wanting that first in love feeling, flip through your wedding photos, it might save your marriage down the road.

Our wedding photographer was decent, but I really wished that I had spent more money on my wedding photography to have every moment and every detail captured beautifully. That is probably the only regret I have for my wedding. I wouldn’t mind to hit the replay button every other month to relive in those moments.

If you haven’t looked through your wedding photos for a while, do it tonight. Everyone needs to get their memory refreshed; it will be good for you marriage.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beautiful CD Cover + CD Label for beautiful {Jordan & Jasmine}

I just finished making these beautiful CD cover and CD Label for the twins’ photos. I think they are simple, elegant and girly. What do you guys think? These twin sisters are going to be best friends forever!

   CD Case CoverIMG_4331 CD Label



I love how everything just look so perfect together. I can’t wait to show this to their mom; I know she’s going to love it too.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

drive-in movie

I have never been to a drive-in movie before last Friday. I have always thought of it as a very romantic thing to do. It sure didn’t disappoint me. I love that mood, dark night, bright light, desert, and two boys (daddy and baby) I'm in love with. It feels slightly lonely in the spacious open area, but at the same time full of life because everyone was having such a good time.


Reflection from my mirror


Never thought ware houses would look so good at night


I love this one, so romantic, only if I have two people kissing in from of the car, that would have been picture perfect.


Looks like the cars at the audiences for the movie, kinda cute


My boy is shoveling pop corn in his mouth, he’s such a pig.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Etsy Store is Open for Business

Hi Everybody, I just started an etsy store to sell my fine art photography. Etsy is a great site for hand made and one-of-a-kind stuff. You will be surprised how created people are. You can purchase my fine art prints through Etsy or my website,


Please come to visit me at my store. I’m sure you will find a print there that defines you and makes a great decoration for your home. Thank you guys!