Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Gabriel Photo Shoot

This is my first semi-newborn photo shoot. Beautiful baby Gabriel was 3-5 weeks in these photos. I wanted to get some shoots while he was sleeping, it was not easy. We tried everything. Finally after rocking, eating, peeing and pooping, he was out. Wasn’t he a little angle? There’s something about a sleeping baby… so peaceful.

baby portrait las vegas-24baby portrait las vegas-23 baby portrait las vegas-7569 baby portrait las vegas-7577

baby portrait las vegas-6967

and now, wide-awake! How cute!! Ready to show some personality.

baby portrait las vegas-26 baby portrait las vegas-14 baby portrait las vegas-15 baby portrait las vegas-18

and a couple more of the in- between.

  baby portrait las vegas-4 baby portrait las vegas-6779

I love taking photos of babies hands and feet, because they just grow too fast, got to remember how tiny they once were.   

baby portrait las vegas-6944

baby portrait las vegas-6840

The last photo was from my experiment with a cocoon. However Gabriel wouldn’t stay asleep in there, there’s the only non-squirmy shoot. He almost looked like he was sleeping, he was actually faking it, hehe… pretty good acting skill.

baby portrait las vegas-16

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  1. These are great. I stil haven't done a photoshoot with a newborn, and I really want to. My older sister is having her fourth baby sometime in the next few weeks and I'm hoping that can be my first shot at it!