Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photos with Carlie

We spent a week in L.A. with Steve uncle’s family for new year. My son chased the duck, played with dogs, and threw rocks at horses, and he just want to forever live in Uncle Bob’s house. On the last day of our stay, I asked Carlie (uncle Bob wife’s daughter) if she wants to be my little model and and so some fun shoots. Despite on my camera’s low battery warning, we still went on a little hike and did a shoot.

Model shotModel shot-13Model shot-3  Model shot-8 Model shot-9 Model shot-11

 Model shot-5

Model shot-8032Model shot-8033   Model shot-8049Model shot-2Model shot-12Model shot-8096  

I think some of these photos could have made on Teen Vogue, what do you think?

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