Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Debut Shooting

Philippine Debut

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“The Philippine Debut is a cultural tradition of the Filipino people.[1] It is a coming-of-age celebration for Philippine women that is somewhat reminiscent of the Spanish tradition of the "Quinceanera" celebration……On their 18th birthday, Philippine women throw a large party, complete with her own hand-picked debut court of 18 people. These 18 are 9 males and 9 females who the celebrant pairs off into partners. The celebrant's court usually wears a uniform formal outfit chosen by the celebrant similar to that of a wedding party, while the celebrant typically wears an extravagant ball gown……”

Well, my first debut party sure has blew me away. I would have never expected a birthday party as big as a wedding. It was very fun and entertaining, and the birthday girl Marllini’s family have showed me that they can party. I guess I’ll just let the photographs speak.

  debut party las vegas debut party las vegas-3 debut party las vegas-4 debut party las vegas-5 debut party las vegas-8250

debut party las vegas-7debut party las vegas-8268 debut party las vegas-8270

debut party las vegas-8273

debut party las vegas-8497debut party las vegas-8381

debut party las vegas-8247

debut party las vegas-11 debut party las vegas-8504

debut party las vegas-8593

debut party las vegas-13 debut party las vegas-8668

debut party las vegas-14 debut party las vegas-15 debut party las vegas-16debut party las vegas-8836

debut party las vegas-8353debut party las vegas-20 debut party las vegas-24          debut party las vegas-8440      debut party las vegas-8965 debut party las vegas-8972debut party las vegas-8981

I hope I will get more debuts to shoot in the future, because it was just too much fun. What a great idea of celebrating your youth in this way! It will get all the young girls “wedding bugs” out of their systems. No need to rush into marriage just for the wedding.

Videography was provided by Memory Creations. The videographer Dale was a very nice guy, you will like him.

DJ service was provided by DJ Freddy J.

Event location was the Madrid Room of Suncoast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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